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United Nations Carbon Offset Platform

The United Nations needs no introduction, and as part of their efforts to encourage individuals to take climate action, they launched this voluntary carbon offset platform. This platform lists many different climate-friendly projects, and they are all certified by the United Nations. A number of the projects listed are quite inexpensive per metric ton of carbon. In addition to offsetting your carbon, these projects have a multiplicity of economic and social benefits in developing regions. To see the cheapest projects per tonne of carbon, be sure to click “sort by” and “price ascending” in the upper-right corner of the interface. connects farmers to individuals and businesses that are willing to pay for farmers to adopt climate-friendly practices, such as no-till farming. Nori guarantees that this carbon is removed from the atmosphere for a minimum of 10 years. Nori actually uses the Ethereum blockchain and plans to launch its own token, NORI, in the near future. Shopify and Arizona State University have used Nori to offset their carbon emissions.

Pachama uses your money to improve forest management and prevent deforestation. It uses satellite data and artificial intelligence to estimate carbon sequestered in forests and track changes over time. Companies like Microsoft and Shopify have used Pachama’s platform to buy carbon offsets. Pachama is involved in many projects around the world, but most projects are in North and South America. Pachama’s price per tonne of CO2 changes somewhat frequently.

If you are an accredited investor and are looking to offset with $100+ (the minimum deposit), is our favorite way to offset CO2 emissions because you actually earn 6% APY on your money. Essentially, you loan your money to finance the installation of solar panels across Asia and Africa, which often reduce the need for electricity generated from coal. Note that to be an accredited investor, you must either (1) have a net worth of more than $1,000,000 (either individually or with a spouse) or (2) have an annual income of $200,000+ (or $300,000+ with a spouse). Also, note that our calculations for factor in a 25-year lifespan of solar panels (which is a conservative estimate). Finally, note that loans through are repaid over 10 years.

How it works

Mining cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, uses a lot of electricity and thus releases a lot of carbon into the atmosphere (usually). Of course, this is not likely to stop many from capitalizing on one of the greatest economic innovations of this century. That is why we at believe in making it easy for miners to estimate and offset the carbon emissions that they are responsible for.

There are some questions as to the effectiveness of carbon offsets. That is why we do extensive research to ensure that we are working with only the most reputable organizations. From funding the installation of solar panels in India to promoting sustainable agricultural practices in the US, we provide different options for offsetting your carbon. Here’s the best part: with some organizations, offsetting carbon can actually earn you money (up to 6% APY, plus a few percent in credit/debit card cashback).

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Antonio is the creator of He dabbled around with GPU mining in late 2017 and 2018. This introduced him to the world of cryptocurrency, a field he finds fascinating. From when he started mining, the electricity consumption and resulting carbon emissions from mining bothered him, as he understood that climate change would be one of the most significant issues facing humanity in the 21st century. Instead of completely avoiding all proof-of-work cryptocurrencies, Antonio sought to help accelerate the transition of crypto mining to carbon neutrality through Antonio documents some of his other interests on his YouTube channel, Hello World HD.

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